Let’s plan community services with Poppy


  • Poppy is a confident and outgoing six year old.
  • She lives in Keynsham with her foster parents – Julia and Sam – and their teenaged daughter Megan.
  • Poppy loves looking after the family’s chickens (Marge, Patty and  Selma) and recently learnt to ride her bike which she is proudly telling everyone about.


  • Poppy goes to a local primary school and has a dedicated teaching assistant. She enjoys PE and music the most and would like to join the school recorder group
  • ​Poppy’s favourite thing to do is making up dance routine’s to One Direction with her foster-sister Megan, who is 14. Until recently they have been very close, but Megan is finding her own independence and wants to do more things without Poppy, which Poppy is finding hard to understand.
  • Poppy has a few friends at school but she met her best friend – Max – at the monthly children’s Mencap group.


  • Poppy would describe herself as ‘Megan’s really, really, really good – but sometimes a bit naughty – little sister’
  • Poppy has Down’s Syndrome and associated learning disabilities.
  • She gets support with her speech and language skills, and at the moment she’s undergoing investigation for a hearing impairment.
  • She has mild asthma.


1. Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Poppy?
2. Thinking about Poppy’s life what would help her and family manage her complex care needs?
3. How can Poppy and her family be supported to take more control of her own health and wellbeing?

Tell us your thoughts and ideas about Poppy