Let’s plan community services with Norman


  • Norman is a retired science teacher who lives with his wife Jean in Chew Valley.
  • When the weather’s good Norman enjoys sitting in the garden.
  • Recently Norman and Jean have been considering moving house. Norman would like to move closer to their daughter and grandchildren in Dover. Jean would rather move into Bath and remain in contact with their friends.


  • These days Norman rarely leaves the house, unless he has a hospital appointment.
  • He misses being involved in life at the church that he and Jean belong to, although church friends visit when they can.
  • Norman and Jean have a gardener – Nigel – who looks after the back garden for them. They have become friends and Nigel often stays longer than he needs to so he can spend time with Norman.


  • Norman describes himself as ‘a bit of an old grump’.
  • He’s not always felt like this but he’s feeling increasingly tired and is also worried about Jean.
  • Norman has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) after nearly 40 years of smoking. He needs an oxygen supply to support his breathing and has regular hospital appointments.


1. Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Norman?
2. Recently Norman’s COPD took a turn for the worse and he had to go into hospital. Norman disliked being in hospital and after a short stay he’s about to go home, although he will need support from Community Respiratory Service and intravenous antibiotics. Thinking about Norman, what would make a good discharge from hospital?
3. How could Norman be supported to help him take more control of his own health and wellbeing?

Tell us your thoughts and ideas about Norman