Let’s plan community services with Megan


  • Megan is 14, she’s thoughtful, funny, kind and is a high-achiever at school.
  • She lives in Keynsham with her parents and a young foster-sister Poppy who is six (and who adores Megan).
  • Megan wants to be a vet and she is already considering where she’d like to train, at the moment she’s thinking about Edinburgh.


  • Until recently most of Megan’s free time was spent with Poppy. But Megan doesn’t enjoy this as much anymore.
  • She wants to do normal things with her friends. Sometimes she gets a bit embarrassed about Poppy, which she feels really guilty about.
  • Before Christmas Megan and her best friend – Emily – fell out. They haven’t made-up and are forming new friendship groups at school.
  • Megan plays cello in the school orchestra, although recently she’s been missing after-school practice.
  • Megan and her friends have started experimenting with drink, she’s got really drunk once or twice and quite likes the feeling. Some of her friends are smoking too but Megan isn’t: she thinks it’s nasty looking and she thinks her parents would find it out.


  • Megan would describe herself as: ‘you know, nothing special, just normal.’
  • Megan has had asthma since a baby and has regular support reviews.
  • Megan has started to feel anxious in the evenings and is having problems sleeping. She thinks she should tell someone but she’s not sure what to say, or if they’d listen.


1. Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Megan?

2. Thinking about Megan’s life what would help her manage her ongoing care needs?

3. How can Megan and her family be supported to take more control of her own health and wellbeing?

Tell us your thoughts and ideas about Megan