Let’s plan community services with Jean



  • Jean is a retired accountant who lives with her husband Norman in Chew Valley.
  • Jean’s most prized possession is her car.
  • Recently Jean and Norman have been considering moving house. Norman would like to move closer to their daughter and grandchildren in Dover. Jean would rather move into Bath and remain in contact with their friends.


  • Jean is Treasurer at the church she and Norman belong to. She’s very involved in church life and every week helps to prepare, cook and serve food to around 45 people at its outreach lunch club.
  • In her spare time she enjoys water painting but since Norman’s health has deteriorated she has less time to herself.
  • Jean is always the first to offer a lift to friends when they have an appointment or need help getting around.


  • Jean would generally describe herself as being in ‘good spirits’ despite recently experiencing some severe back pain. When her back is sore she doesn’t want to walk or sit for long periods of time.
  • Over the past five months Jean’s being having ‘funny turns’ and people have noticed that her memory is sometimes a bit patchy.
  • Jean has seen her GP several times about her back. Her doctor noticed that she only recalled her two most recent visits when she was prompted, so has referred Jean to the memory clinic.
  • Norman doesn’t think Jean should drive to the appointment in Bath, he wants her to take patient transport. Jean thinks this would be wasting a seat on the bus that someone else might really need when she’s perfectly capable of getting herself there.


1. Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Jean?
2. Thinking about Jean’s life, what would help her to maximise her independence?
3. How could Jean be supported to help her take more control of her own health and wellbeing?

Tell us your thoughts and ideas about Jean