Let’s plan community services with Jade


  • Jade is 20 and is mum to Sienna who is five months old, they live with Jade’s mum in Midsomer Norton.
  • Jade and her mum are very close but there’s a lot of stress on them at the moment. Jade’s mum has reduced her hours at work to support Jade and Sienna.


  • Currently Jade and Sienna’s father (who lives in Bath) aren’t speaking, but Jade knows that won’t last.
  • Jade goes to the Children’s Centre and has made friends with other new mums.
  • Jade planned to go back to work – customer services in a call centre – after Sienna was born but that’s changed now.
  • Money is tight and Jade spends as little as possible on ‘treats’ for herself.
  • Jade doesn’t drive but her mum does.
  • Jade’s best friend is Bryony, they have been friends since school but haven’t seen each other for a while.


  • Right now Jade would describe herself as ‘knackered and a bit useless.’
  • Jade’s pregnancy was difficult. Sienna was born at 27 weeks weighing 3lb 5oz and spent her first four months in hospital but is home now.
  • She has been told that Sienna is likely to have developmental delays because of her early birth.
  • Jade tried breastfeeding Sienna but it wasn’t working so Sienna has formula, which Jade feels guilty about.
  • Yesterday she told her health visitor that she’s terrified Sienna could die.
  • Jade’s started smoking again, she stopped when she was pregnant.
  • Physically Jade is reasonably healthy, she wants to lose a little weight but right now there’s other things to think about.


1.  Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Jade?
2. Thinking about Jade’s life what would help her to stay healthy and prevent illness?
3. How could Jade be supported to take more control of her own health and wellbeing?

Tell us your thoughts and ideas about Jade