Let’s plan community services with Clare


  • Clare works in a residential home in Bath.
  • Clare’s getting restless at work, she loves her job but thinks she has more to offer so is considering how her career might develop.
  • She rents a flat in Lansdowne and lives on her own.


  • Clare’s social life is on the back burner at the moment.
  • In February her dad, Geoff, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Since then she’s been spending a lot of time back and forth between work, her flat and his home in Peasedown St. John, to help him and his partner Anne.
  • Geoff is receiving end of life care.
  • She’s got a good group of friends who are doing what they can, among their busy lives, to support Clare.
  • She bakes in her spare time, at the moment she’s working on a mermaid cake for her niece’s 5th birthday next week.


  • Clare would describe herself as ‘shattered’ – the long hours at work and looking after her Dad are taking their toll, but even though she’s exhausted she’s not sleeping well.
  • Clare also knows she’s not eating as well or exercising as much as she normally would. Although, when she’s at her Dad’s, Anne often cooks for her which Clare’s grateful for.
  • Clare unwinds at the end of the day with a glass or so of wine. Last week a neighbour made a comment about the amount of bottles in the recycling. It hit a nerve but Clare laughed it off, after all it’s her treat and it helps her relax and shake off the day.
  • Clare’s scared about what’s going to happen to her Dad. She’s finds it upsetting to talk to Anne about it. And she’s frustrated with her older brother who’s not coming to terms with what’s happening.


1. Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Clare?
2. It’s 8.30pm on Thursday night. Claire is visiting her dad straight from work. Anne is out at a Parish meeting and Geoff is at home on his own. When Clare arrives she finds her dad at the back door, he has fallen down the back step, he’s cut his head is very cold and unresponsive. Thinking about Clare and Geoff’s situation what kind of rapid response is needed?
3. How can Clare be supported to take more control of her own health and wellbeing?

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