Let’s plan community services with Aadil


  • Aadil is a pharmacology researcher at a university in Bath.
  • He enjoys living in Bath. He rents a room in a shared flat with community worker Dan and Richie, a solicitor. Richie moved in a short while ago after the previous tenant Caroline moved out.
  • Aadil’s parents live in Watford they don’t get together very often but they do Skype regularly.


  • Aadil and Dan are good mates and they go out together once or twice a week. Aadil doesn’t drink but, occasionally, he smokes marijuana. He knows it’s risky, so it’s a rare treat rather than a regular habit.
  • Aadil’s single at the moment, he and Caroline had been seeing each other – on and off – for just over a year. When they split up it became difficult living in the flat together, and Caroline moved out.
  • Dan’s just pleased there’s less drama in the flat, it was too much hassle. But he suspects Aadil is more upset than he’s letting on.


  • Aadil would describe himself as: ‘A non-judgemental-open-minded-glass-half-full-kind-of-guy.’
  • 17 years ago – when he was first at uni – Aadil was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Since then he’s done everything he can not to let it define his life. 
  • He takes his medication and is proud he can manage his condition with minimal support from the NHS.
  • Aadil is open with Dan about his health condition but he hasn’t told Richie yet.
  • Aadil has missed work four days this week but hasn’t called in sick.


1. Which services do you think are directly or indirectly supporting Aadil?
2. Over the past few weeks Dan’s noticed that Aadil is exhibiting worrying behaviours; irrational thoughts and fears, and bolting the front door against ‘strangers’. Dan’s worried – he tried talking to Aadil about it but he shrugged it off. It’s Friday night and Dan’s gone for drinks with his friends after work. When he gets home Richie is banging on the front door: Aadil’s bolted the door and won’t let Richie or Dan in.
Thinking about: Aadil – what should be the initial help he receives? Dan and Richie – How could a ‘first response’ service help them in this scenario?
3. What could be done to enable Aadil to manage his condition in the future? 

Tell us your thoughts and ideas about Aadil